In every form of business, it is mandatory to have several licenses to start the business. It gives the legal permission to do business in Bangladesh. The experience to obtain a license is not an easy one, but with proper channel and liaison with Govt. officials, it can be a smooth process to obtain licenses. At LSF & Company, our experts provide supports in obtaining licenses to start your business. Followings are the list of licenses that may be required to be obtain, depending on the nature of the businesses, we provide services to obtain all sort of licenses in Bangladesh.

• Export Registration Certificate (ERC);
• Import Registration Certificate (IRC;
• Indenting Registration Certificate (IRC);
• Bonded Warehouse License;
• Certificate of Registration of Factories and Establishment;
• Fire License;
• Quality Certification Mark;
• Copyright Registration;
• Registration Certificate of Patent;
• Registration Certificate Designs;
• Trade Marks Registration;
• Trade License.

Bond License

Those who are involved with export-import business often need the facility of bondedwarehouse in which dutiable goods may be stored, manipulated, or undergo menufecturing operations without payment of duty. In order to avail the Bonded Warehousing facility, interested companies will have to take a Bond License from the Customs BondCommissionerate. Bond Licenses are issued and maintained as per the Bonded Warehouse Licensing Rules, 2008.

At LSF & Company, we provide all the facilities for you to obtain bond license so that your company can have the bonded warehousing facility. Our team of experts is always ready perform the bond licensing process on yoir behalf and ready to complete the process smoothly.