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Professionals in finance and accounting discipline who are involved in corporate treasury/fund management, commercial managers - who are dealing with Export and Import to make business decisions. Fresh graduates of finance, accounting or other discipline can participate in this training program to prepare themselves for their upcoming professional career.

This training program has planned for professional fund managers who are dealing with foreign currency. This is also designed how a fund manager can efficiently contribute to the bottom line of the P&L through hedging and different modes of foreign exchange fund management.

Tools of FX Fund Management :

UPAS; Third party UPAS; OBD; EDF (reduction of import material cost); EDF (reduction of product pricing); Arrangement of low cost offshore term finance; Matching of A/P under foreign currency; LC margin management in efficient manner.; Reduction of all LC margin at Zero level; Auto verification tools to monitor bank interest, charges and commission; Reduction of LC commission different other bank charges.

Commercial terms relating to FX fund management:

Sight LC, Deferred LC, BL, Bank acceptance, Terms of acceptance, deferred period, EDF, FOB, C & F etc.

Understanding hedging of foreign currency:

Concept of Hedging; Type of forward booking / future contract; Historical overview of exchange rate BDT Vs USD; Dealing Process; Skills required for FX deal; Practical demonstration.

Who Can Join !

Fresh Graduate/New joiners/ Interns/ Management Trainee/Young Professional

Course Outline

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