Cost Management Acounting Services



In today’s world, cost and management accounting are critical aspects of a company’s internal decision making process. What a company wants is to manage its revenues and costs to maxi- mize profits and sustain profitability that ultimately leads to shareholders’ wealth maximiza- tion. Your company may be facing with costing issues that lead to improper pricing leading to lost sales and customers’ loyalty. Or you may be facing problems with capital budgeting issues and its overall feasibility, monitoring and control systems. It may also be other issues such as materials or fixed asset management. No matter the issue is, you don’t need to panic anymore.

At LSF & Company, we have qualified and part qualified Cost and Management Accountants who are ready to serve at this point by looking into cost effective problem solving that goes beyond just numbers to a superior issues of long term business success and sustainable profit- ability. Our main services include:


• Designing & implementing standard and actual costing system;
• Preparing cost analyses for internal use as well as distribution to external parties;
• Development of "Product Costing Systems" & "Production Planning System" to support quick decision-making process;
• Development of systems based on techniques like Activity Based Costing, Total Costand Total Productivity Management Systems;
• Variance analysis for material cost, product mix and margin analysis;
• SAP implementation into the company;
• Development of various types of MIS reports required at different level of management such as expense management analysis, procurement policies, customer and product wise profitability analysis etc.


Our costing and market experts are always ready to develop the pricing capabilities of your company and improve the pricing and commercial outcomes.
• Pricing audits by reviewing existing pricing practices;
• Develop the pricing capabilities and improve the pricing and commercial outcomes;
• Developing and designing product pricing System & Selection of Optimum Product - Mix.


• Fixed asset physical verification and preparation of FAR and calculation ofdepreciation;
• Performing invesment project fisibility studies, preparing project reports, and monitoring system for project implementation and control;
• Developing and designing system for optimization of purchase & consumption and for inventory control;
• Stock valuation based on accounting principles;
• Physical Verification of Inventory and analysis;
• Monitoring and controlling wastage and designing system to minimize wastage.